August 24, 2015

What happens on the Internet every 60 seconds

World Wide Web is growing at rapid pace. On average, more than a billion new pages are added to it every day.
The growth rate of the Internet is accelerating in such a degree that a rather amazing related milestone was passed; Google’s spiders discovered the trillionth URL. That’s 1,000,000,000,000 Web Pages indexed.

Let's say that it takes you exactly one minute to read through this article. In that time, over 6,600 photos will be uploaded to Flickr, about 70 new domains will be registered, over 1,200 new ads will be created on Craigslist, and more. Here's what happens on the Internet every 60 seconds.

That disclaimer aside and without further ado, here's what's happening each minute:

        * Search engine Google serves more than 694,445 queries
        * 6,600+ pictures are uploaded to Flickr
        * 600 videos are uploaded to YouTube, amounting to 25+ hours of content
        * 695,000 status updates, 79,364 wall posts and 510,040 comments are published on social networking site Facebook
        * 70 new domains are registered
        * 168,000,000+ emails are sent
        * 320 new accounts and 98,000 tweets are generated on social networking site Twitter
        * iPhone applications are downloaded more than 13,000 times
        * 20,000 new posts are published on micro-blogging platform Tumblr
        * Popular web browser FireFox is downloaded more than 1,700 times
        * Popular blogging platform WordPress is downloaded more than 50 times
        * WordPress Plugins are downloaded more than 125 times
        * 100 accounts are created on professional networking site LinkedIn
        * 40 new questions are asked on
        * 100+ questions are asked on
        * 1 new article is published on Associated Content, the world’s largest source of community-created content
        * 1 new definition is added on
        * 1,200+ new ads are created on Craigslist
        * 370,000+ minutes of voice calls done by Skype users
        * 13,000+ hours of music streaming is done by personalized Internet radio provider Pandora
        * 1,600+ reads are made on Scribd, the largest social reading publishing company

Impressive? Scary? Overwhelming? We're not sure. But we do know that a lot happened in the few moments it took to look at this blog post — so you better rush to catch up.

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